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    particle composites - Laminated strand lumber (LSL)

Laminated strand lumber (LSL) is a wood-based composite manufactured from water resistant adhesive and poplar wood strands measuring 0.8 mm in thickness, 25 mm width and 300 mm in length. As the wood strands are encapsulated in adhesive and due to the homogenous structure of the composite, LSL is weather-resistant under most conditions (exposure to direct weathering should be avoided). Two types of LSL can be distinguished: Boards where the strands are all aligned in the direction of the major axis of the product and boards where a portion of the strands are aligned in the direction of the minor axis of the product. The former are suitable for use as beams, rafters, sills, columns etc. and the latter for use as walls, floors and ceilings.
  Details of sustainability rating (Basis: tdry mass)

Laminated strand lumber (LSL)

[kg CO2 Äqv.]
[kg SO2 Äqv.]
PEI ne
[kg PO4 Äqv.]
[kg C2H4 Äqv.]
370,8 -1.723,2 2,0 12.741,0 29.512,2 0,9 0,5