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    beams, columns - Finger-jointed solid construction timber

Finger-jointed solid timber is graded, kiln-dried and planed solid timber, which can be manufactured in almost any length. Finger-jointed solid timber is classified into strength classes by visual or machine grading according to ÍNORM EN 14081-1. In Austria visual grading continues to take place according to ÍNORM DIN 4074-1. Specifications for finger-jointing are given in ÍNORM EN 15497:2014. Different strength classes apply. The natural durability against biological attack of this type of timber product depends on the wood species used. The durability can be enhanced with standard techniques such as preventative biocides. The CE marking of this product group according to the harmonized standard EN 15497 has been compulsory since 10.10.2015.
  Details of sustainability rating (Basis: tdry mass)

Finger-jointed solid construction timber

[kg CO2 Äqv.]
[kg SO2 Äqv.]
PEI ne
[kg PO4 Äqv.]
[kg C2H4 Äqv.]
52,2 -1.537,7 1,4 4.675,2 25.536,2 0,5 0,6

Manufacturer of finger-jointed solid construction timber according to ÍNORM EN 15497
Product Manufacturer
Keilgezinktes Vollholz Hasslacher Norica Timber DoP / Zertifikat (pdf, 1500KB)
Keilgezinktes Vollholz KVH® Holz Reisecker DoP / Zertifikat (pdf, 1088KB)
Konstruktionsvollholz KVH® Stora Enso Timber Deutschland DoP / 0797-CPR-0701 (pdf, 1180KB)
Keilgezinktes Vollholz weinberger-holz gmbh Reichenfels DoP / Zertifikat (pdf, 1460KB)