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    beams, columns - Glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber (glulam) acc. to EN 14080 is manufactured from bonded lamellae with parallel fibre orientation. The timber is kiln dried, planed and classified into strength classes by visual or machine grading. The adhesive used to bond the lamella has to fulfil the requirements of EN 301 or EN 15425 for loadbearing timber components. The suitability of the wood species in glulam construction has to be demonstrated. Spruce, pine and larch are most commonly used. Straight as well as curved beams can be manufactured. One can distinguish between homogenous (all lamellae across a beam's cross-section belong to one strength class) and combined (outer and inner lamellae belong to different strength classes) glued laminated timber. For glued laminated timber components of higher strength ratings combined beam lay-ups are to be considered for economical reasons. In combined beam lay-ups lamellae with higher strength properties are positioned in areas of higher tensile loading while lamellae with lower strength properties are positioned around the centre of the cross-section of the beam. Glued laminated timber is particularly suited for components bearing high stresses or spanning large distances which have to satisfy stringent requirements with respect to dimensional stability and appearance.

Note: The CE marking and production of glued laminated timber according to the harmonized standard EN 14080:2013 has been compulsory since 08.08.2015.

  Details of sustainability rating (Basis: tdry mass)

Glued laminated timber

[kg CO2 Äqv.]
[kg SO2 Äqv.]
PEI ne
[kg PO4 Äqv.]
[kg C2H4 Äqv.]
1.065,9 -1.220,2 7,6 8.767,7 24.848,5 1,6 0,6

Manufacturer according to EN 14080
Product Manufacturer
Brettschichtholz Binderholz GmbH Holzindustrie 1359-CPR-0635 (pdf, 563KB)
Brettschichtholz Franz Kirnbauer KG DoP / 1359-CPR-609 (pdf, 1141KB)
Brettschichtholz Hasslacher Norica Timber 1359-CPR-0620 (pdf, 531KB)
Brettschichtholz Mayr-Melnhof Holz Gaishorn GmbH DoP / 1359-CPR-0637 (pdf, 1218KB)
Brettschichtholz Mayr-Melnhof Holz Reuthe GmbH DoP / 1359-CPR-0623 (pdf, 1159KB)
Brettschichtholz Mayr-Melnhof Holz Richen GmbH 0797-CPR-0802 (pdf, 72KB)
Brettschichtholz Mosser Leimholz GmbH 1359-CPR-0629 (pdf, 457KB)
Brettschichtholz weinberger-holz gmbh Abtenau DoP / 1359-CPR-0591 (pdf, 711KB)
Brettschichtholz WIEHAG GmbH DoP / 1359-CPR-0636 (pdf, 602KB)